by Prathloons

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Lands was written in periods of transition to places of discomfort where I'd least expected them.

Take time to be honest, alone, and understood: How do you feel at home?


released August 30, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Matt Ciani in Chicago and Minneapolis from April-August '16.

Cover photo taken by Annick Dall in New York, New York.

Additional voices on "New York City" and "Nothing is Forever" by Matt Ciani and Annick Dall.



all rights reserved


Prathloons Minneapolis, Minnesota

music by Collin Dall

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Track Name: Cruel Summer
Hot summer streets and the pavement is burning alive
I'm trying to smile but the air is so heavy & dry
These voices are saying some things that I don't understand
It's too close for comfort this heat it has got out of hand

It's a cruel, cruel summer
Now you're gone
Track Name: Chapter of the World
The liveliest fantasy
The lifeless hangs with me
You shrouded short, you stole the crown
a lovely dance to sleep while you're missing me

Why you crying under this tree?
The leaves ain't sharp & it's still early
Invite you in I'll bite you thin
Hide the body in the bed I built for you

Your brother came and asked where you'd been
I hate that man his witching whiskered chin
Slam the door collapse to floor velcro basement
You complain of your floorboards

To live this life so destined to stagnance
I want I hope this glass cave remains in supreme condition
The world is sick and no one shall be heard so no one can get hurt
Track Name: Shame
How long does it take to break these human hands?

A scotch tape fixed mistake sank with corroded grief

March with stained regret sick of yelling time

Drive us in the car & fear whatever sounds
Track Name: Across Face
The time spent with an old friend redeems useless
The time you spend rethinking its usefulness

A day flies by
I live inside the head of a nail
And it hurts me to move outside
The fear holds a whelm
Unbearably sharp eyes

A hourglass sands become glass it breaks
Has an hour passed?
We wait to clean the mess it creates

I blame myself for volumes of noise & the books on the shelf
And I learn to crawl one step, one leap, one stride
Growing better every time
Track Name: Nothing Is Forever
She chose to ignore her favorite choice of word
The kind that would burn
And like a child I had to learn to retrace my steps and fall right in
The lovely recollect


The people we've seen
They carry the world to me
Because when we're asleep I'll make you explain to me
The choice of your words
Reclaim my mistake
We wake up late & forget about it


I don't want to feel embarrassed, betrayed or ashamed
It takes so much to climb these walls I can't look down in pain
To fear these obstacles
Ignore what they'll erupt
Severely free create me the perfect fitting key

Goodbye for now, my only friend
The grace has run its mile
The anger tears to my innocence
"You deserved this, shut your mouth"
Track Name: New York City
Please respect this silence as company
No more speaking we need quieter nurturing
Track Name: Consume (are we better?)
Consume what eats at me the most
Rehydrate back to suffix' origin
Grace fill my head soon

Draw me drinking medicine
Better I will become
Holing out the Afton silk
Slowly, I turn to one

Decisions incisions shake
Counting in time's tongue
Life's a shoulder plowing hills
The touch & the turnstile's gnaw

Be kind I'll answer you in time
We all will clear our tables and sing

The cloud we ask our passing to
Predicting the answers
Destroy & build a better place
The one where the quiet call

Be kind I'll answer you in time
We all will clear our tables and sing a hymn we all

A safer inside a home
We take the fall
Replacing all the stolen ground
Let's call it off

Wallow & reset the pain
Forget you were asked to move a mountain & refuse
Track Name: Whale Well
My hands weren't empty
With shells worlds I had hurt
The wind wasn't helping
Dividing my hair

The grains came in hundreds
You asked if I'd care
Baring my yellow teeth
I matched your dead stare

Laughed with it's belly
All hollowed a struck
You didn't want to stop and wait and stare
The whale in it's pain
Track Name: The Last Fly On the Wall
Ceilings cave in toward a level headed heart bleeding for no one
Seasons changing for another wretched year Endless sonata
Still I'm fading into a weaker, faster creature promising nothing

This year I'm not amused, aroused, or fighting for something I can't pronounce

To feel, in my own house, afraid to kill the last fly on the wall